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Beginning April 22, AP coordinators will have access to a new digital exam readiness dashboard. Coordinators will access the dashboard through AP Registration and Ordering.

Important: On exam day, the dashboard page will automatically refresh at regular intervals during a digital exam administration. Students' exam day statuses will take several minutes to update on the dashboard after check-in and after the exam starts and ends. For exam subjects with many test-takers, it may take longer for the statuses to be updated in the dashboard. Delays in the statuses like this are normal. Don’t refresh the page from your internet browser, as this could interfere with the dashboard receiving exam status updates.

For complete details about using the dashboard, review the “Preparing for Digital AP Exams” section of the updated AP Digital Testing Guide.

Coordinators can use the dashboard to:

  1. Track students’ progress through necessary digital exam steps: installation, login, exam setup, check-in, and exam progress.
  2. Manage student makeup requests for digital exams. See details about managing makeup exam requests.
  3. Access digital practice—coordinators can access practice only through the dashboard.
    AP COORDINATORS APRO VIEW: To show an overall view of the Digital Readiness Dashboard screen in APRO

Teacher view: the Digital Exam Readiness dashboard for a course; some statuses should show alerts