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Pre-AP Courses

The College Board is launching an official Pre-AP program in fall 2018. The launch will include five new ninth-grade courses, with other courses to follow, open to all students. These subject-specific courses are designed to give all students the opportunity to become ready for AP courses. See how your school can join.

Pre-AP Readiness Workshops for Schools and Districts

We’re offering workshops to help educators prepare for implementing the new College Board Pre-AP courses in their schools and districts.

But these Pre-AP readiness workshops aren’t just for schools that currently offer Pre-AP courses. They’re suitable for any middle and high school educator who is interested in preparing their students for Pre-AP and AP coursework. The workshops equip teachers with time-tested strategies for helping students develop the foundational knowledge and skills they’ll need in the Pre-AP and AP classroom.

These interactive and immersive one-day workshops will cover a variety of topics:

  • Instructional routines and shifts of the Pre-AP classroom
  • Engaging students in higher-order thinking and analysis
  • Analyzing student work and differentiating instruction
  • Interdisciplinary instructional strategies and routines

A full list and descriptions of workshops are now available. Learn more about Pre-AP Readiness Workshops which will be available for purchase and facilitation beginning June 2018.


The College Board’s SpringBoard program, a comprehensive ELA and math curriculum for grades 6–12, is designed to prepare all students for high school and college success as well as AP coursework.

Learn more about SpringBoard.