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Casie Wexler

  • AP coordinator at Egg Harbor Township High School in New Jersey.
  • Her AP program has 25+ classes, 450+ students, and 1,000+ exams.
  • 2018-19 school start date: September 6, 2018.
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Collected exam fees before placing her school’s exam order in the fall.

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She used Google Sheets to reconcile exam registrations with class rosters and exam payment, and used RevTrak to collect exam fees from students.

How She Did It

AP course sign-up

  • Students in AP courses at Casie’s school are required to take the exam. In spring 2018 she held an information session for students and parents where she distributed a student contract and discussed the changes coming to AP.
  • In August, Casie emailed AP students and parents about the upcoming process changes. She had a follow-up meeting in September.
  • Students had until October 15, 2018, to drop AP classes. (In 2019-20, Casie is moving the drop deadline to October 1, so she can submit her exam order by the October 4 preferred ordering deadline.)

Exam order reconciliation and payment tracking

From September to November 2018, Casie used the following tools and processes to confirm her exam roster:

  1. She set up AP Exams in her school’s payment processing vendor, RevTrak. Students had until October 31 to remit AP Exam fees.
  2. Students submitted exam payments in RevTrak. With each payment, Casie received a confirmation email from RevTrak.
  3. Casie’s colleague updated student records in the class rosters with payments.
  4. On a regular basis, Casie exported her class roster to Google Sheets and compared it to the student roster downloaded from AP Registration and Ordering.
  5. She met with fellow counselors to review class rosters and reconcile her exam order.
  6. Casie submitted her final exam order by the November 15 ordering deadline.

Observations and advice

  • Casie recommends that students access the system and join their AP class section while in school, as this was the most successful approach.
  • Because students need to use their College Board accounts to sign in to My AP, she recommends getting login issues resolved before school starts.
  • Early communication with students and parents was key in helping them understand the new ordering deadlines and fees.