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You need to take a few simple steps so you and your students can start using the resources.

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Unit Guides

Unit guides are part of the course and exam description (CED) for most AP subjects, and are available by unit in AP Classroom. They include:

  • An outline of the exact content and skills covered on the exam
  • Pacing and sequencing suggestions to help you integrate material into your courses
  • Unit weighting to focus instruction on topics that will make the biggest impact

Topic Questions

Topic questions are formative questions to check student understanding as you teach each topic.

You can choose to assign topic questions:

  • Before you teach a topic, to assess prior knowledge
  • While you’re teaching a topic, to get immediate feedback on student learning
  • After you teach a topic, to get data on what students know and are able to do

 If you teach topics in a different sequence than that in the CED, you can still use topic questions.

  • Just check the skill paired with the topic to decide if students are ready to be assessed yet.
  • If they’re not ready, review topic questions during instruction to discuss common misunderstandings and introduce students to how they’ll apply this skill in the future. 

Personal Progress Checks

Personal progress checks assess student understanding of the topics and skills within a unit. These assessments measure knowledge and skills through:

  • Multiple-choice questions with rationales explaining correct and incorrect answers
  • Free-response questions with scoring information 

After students complete a personal progress check, use the class report to develop lesson plans for re-teaching and help students focus on the topics and skills they should continue practicing.

Teachers control student access to results; once you turn on, students get feedback on their answers.

Progress Dashboard

The progress dashboard helps you recognize student achievement and prioritize areas for additional support by:

  • Pinpointing strengths and weaknesses on AP content and skills
  • Charting class and student progress throughout the school year
  • Equipping students to monitor their own progress and take steps to improve

AP Question Bank

The AP question bank is a searchable database of real AP questions indexed by course content and skills. Use it to create customized practice and tests that you can assign on paper or online.

Use filters to find questions that:

  • align best to the current course and exam
  • are designed for daily, formative practice
  • should be reserved for end of year, AP Exam practice
  • are only available to teachers vs. publicly available

Use our robust search to find questions:

  • by any text or phrase included in the prompt or answer options
  • by any text or phrase in the passage or stimulus, and easily find all related questions
  • by keywords from the curriculum framework to find questions by the content or skill they assess

AP Daily

Building on the success of the AP Live review sessions that were introduced in March 2020, we’re launching a similar video series called AP Daily.

This resource offers AP students daily support on each topic and practice applying relevant skills in every unit in short, segmented videos that can be used in-person, online, and in blended learning environments.

Starting on September 1, AP Daily videos will be available on AP Classroom. We’ll launch Unit 1 videos first and continue to release future units on a rolling basis.

AP Classroom Help

Get started with Quick Start videos that walk through all the resources and tools available to you.

For a deeper dive, register for virtual sessions available to teachers.

Use AP Classroom’s Help menu to access FAQs, user guides, and tutorials, and to report technical issues.