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AP Summer Institutes

AP Summer Institutes offer the most intensive professional development available for AP educators. Summer Institute attendees engage in 30 or more hours of content-rich training designed to strengthen how they teach their AP courses.

College Board-Endorsed consultants will guide attendees in exploring the course framework, the exam, and the new AP classroom resources that will help you plan and focus instruction–and give you feedback throughout the year. AP Summer Institutes are helpful for both new and experienced teachers and may meet your state requirements for professional development. 

Registration and Scholarships

Use our AP Professional Development Calendar to locate AP Summer Institutes. Search by AP subject area and location and then follow the instructions to register.

AP Summer Institute fees vary by host institution. All attendees must pay the host institution at the time of registration. The College Board offers a limited number of AP Summer Institute scholarships.

Summer Institutes for AP Capstone

Teachers of AP Capstone™ courses—AP Seminar and AP Research—are required to take part in professional development offered by select AP Summer Institutes. Learn more about AP Capstone professional development.

Host Institutions

Each AP Summer Institute is managed by staff at a host institution endorsed by the College Board to ensure quality and consistency. Learn more about what it takes to host an AP Summer Institute.

2019 Summer Institutes