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Applicant Requirements

  • Must be a current AP course-authorized teacher or a current active higher education faculty member who has taught at least one semester of the comparable AP course in the last 3 years

  • Must have detailed knowledge of College Board systems and the AP Program

  • Must be able to successfully integrate current technology and relevant resources, including integrating AP Classroom into workshops and institutes

  • Must have participated in College Board–sponsored professional development events (such as an AP Summer Institute, an AP workshop, or the AP Annual Conference)

  • Must commit to fulfilling the mission and goals of the College Board as an AP workshop consultant

  • Must have recent AP reader experience in the subject


Why Become an AP Workshop Consultant?

Join 900+ educators

Meet and exchange ideas with talented educators from across the nation.

Share your expertise

Share best practices and promote innovation and excellence in your field.

Support your colleagues

59% of your fellow AP teachers have taken an AP workshop. Learn together to teach students better.

Get Compensated

In addition to an honorarium, expenses, lodging, and meals are covered.


How to Apply

Complete an application to become an AP workshop consultant. Applications are accepted year-round, but spots are limited. Invitations are sent January through March.

You’ll need to provide:

  • Your résumé or CV.
  • A video (8–10 minutes in length) that shows you doing one of the following:
    • Leading a professional learning event with other teachers. (This could be an event within your local school or district.)
    • Leading an instructional activity from the course and exam description with your students. The activity should be based on a topic-skill pairing of your choosing that you believe is a particular challenge to students in this course.
  • A current AP Course Audit syllabus or equivalent syllabus for your college-level course.

Prior to applying, review the AP Professional Learning Consultant Training and Endorsement Policy to ensure your understanding of the commitment of being an AP workshop consultant.

Apply Today

We’re not currently accepting applications for AP coordinator presenters, but you can submit the AP Coordinator Presenter Interest Form to be considered for future opportunities.

Training Process

If you receive an invitation to become an AP workshop consultant, you’ll complete this training process. Please note that the timeline is subject to change due to covid-19:

Date Step


Receive invitation and complete paperwork to begin training process


Introduction to peer coach


Face-to-face training with coach


Observation of AP workshop


Presentation of AP workshop


Completion of training and endorsement*

June–May (ongoing)

Create and finalize 1-day and 4-day agendas

*Subject to successful completion of training.

Questions? Email us.